Getting Around Leeds and To Conference Venues

Welcome to Leeds! Leeds can be a bit of an adventure when it comes to getting around, and the guide below is designed to help you get from your accommodation to the conference, from the conference to the Tuesday reception at the Tetley, and around generally.

Some basics:

Leeds is the largest city in Europe without a tram or subway, but the bus can get you to and from the City Centre. West Yorkshire Metro has a journey planner, route maps, etc. Buses 1 & 6 run up and down Woodhouse Lane, which runs between the University and the City Centre. You purchase tickets on the bus by telling the driver where you want to go. It will be between £1.10 and £2.70 depending on where you go. There are day passes which are worth it if you are taking three rides.

Taxis and private-hire cars are integral to the transport system. Taxis can be flagged down in the street, and there are taxi stands in key places around the city (i.e. in front of the train station and the University). It is about £6 between the station and the university. Locals use private hire vehicles, which are cars you have to call or reserve via an app. A certain company from San Francisco is available like virtually everywhere, but there are local options who treat their drivers better. They are very cheap (£3-4 between the university and centre), and should be very quick during the conference period, as it is mid-week. You can reserve cars in advance. When travelling in a group, this is the recommended way of travelling.

  • Amber Cars  has an app you can download, or call +44 (0) 113 2022117
  • Ace Cars:  +44 (0) 113 230 4499
  • Royal Cars: +44 (0) 113 230 5000
  • Premier Cars: +44 (0) 113 288 8855

To and From the University:

For those that are able, walking is probably the best way to get from the Centre to campus, and from Devonshire Hall. Walking directions are included below, and the University has a set of directions as well.

All events except the Tuesday evening reception are at the University of Leeds. A detailed map of campus venues is included in the programme. A campus map can also be found here. Registration will take place in the Sports Hall / Exhibition Hall, which is part of The Edge fitness center near the Willow Terrace entrance to the University.

We will have signs and volunteers from all over campus, but here are directions for getting to registration bright and early Monday morning:

Getting to the Tetley (Tuesday evening):

If you are able (and weather permitting), we recommend walking to the Tetley for Tuesday night’s reception. Volunteers will be leading groups starting at the end of the first semi-plenary. To get to the Tetley on foot, following these directions

To get to the Tetley via tax or car, either take a taxi from in front of the University (roughly £7), or call one of the hire vehicles (roughly £5). If you don’t know the campus well, tell the care hire you want to be picked up at the Parkinson steps, which are the main entrance to campus.

To take the bus, follow this guide. Bus 1 leaves from in front of the Laidlaw library, just down the street from the main entrance to the campus. The stop is on the opposite side of the street, and you are heading towards Beeston. When you cross the river, you get off at the Great Wilson stop (stop Z5) and then walk a few blocks to the Tetley. Drivers are generally very friendly and if you tell them where you want to get off, they will let you know.