Scholars at Leeds University are at the forefront of rethinking these core and emerging urban studies themes, developing counter-disciplinary thinking across a porous range of topics extending beyond traditional boundaries and working beyond the academy. These qualities are being now put together into an innovative forthcoming MSc programme on Future Cities that speaks to the heart of RC21’s mission. Bringing this potential together, the conference is organised by scholars at the Geography, Sociology and Social Policy departments supported by a new University of Leeds cross-faculty initiative “CITIES”, (with substantial presence in engineering and economics faculties) and the Leeds Social Science Institute.

The quintessentially Northern post-industrial city region of Leeds provides a compelling “critical space” for reimagining urban justice within these themes, in a call for work that goes beyond description of urban problems to look at innovative initiatives from social movements, grassroots activists and public/private policy institutions and organisations alike. Its paradigmatic local histories of social decline, unrest, opposition and violence, need contrasting with its recent rebranding as a “powerhouse” with which a distant government seeks to redefine and reinsert the city in global flows.

Core local organising committee at the University of Leeds
Adrian Favell, School of Sociology and Social Policy
Sara Gonzalez, School of Geography
Michael Janoschka, School of Geography
Andrew Wallace, School of Sociology and Social Policy

For any communication regarding this conference please use RC21@leeds.ac.uk