Gendered Geographies of Gentrification

Gentrification invariably involves changes in gender relations and the production of gender inequalities. Despite the expanding literature on gentrification, our knowledge on its relation to gender constitution is still limited (Bondi 1999, Lees 2008). Furthermore, the existing literature on gender and gentrification nexus is dominated by studies on how this link operates and is experienced in the Western European and North American cities. Broadening the geographical horizon to cities in the Global South, this session focuses on how the link between gender and gentrification plays out in different cities. It explores gendered geographies of gentrification with the aim of de-centering and nuancing hegemonic conceptualizations of gentrification and gender nexus.  We call for paper and audio/visual contributions that employ gender as an analytical tool to investigate injustices and power relations involved in the production of space in different contexts of gentrification and thereby shed light on geographies of gentrification. We encourage papers on themes including (but not restricted to): 

  • Global and contextually embedded dynamics of mutual constitution of gender and space during gentrifications.
  • Gender as a policy tool for gentrification. 
  • Gendered injustices, dispossessions and emancipations involved in gentrification.
  • Feminist contestations against dispossession, gentrification and displacement.
  • Incorporating feminist theory/methodology (e.g. intersectionality; going beyond dichotomies of urban/rural, global/local, public/private etc.)  to explore and contest gendered geographies of gentrification.


Dr. Bahar Sakizlioglu, University of Leicester

Dr. Ebru Soytemel, Aston University