Critical Methodologies for Global Urban Justice

This session asks scholars to respond to two questions:

  1. What kinds of methodologies enable scholars to work in solidarity with struggles for Global Urban Justice?
  2. What do critical methodologies bring to our understanding of global urban justice?

The session encourages contributors to address the methodologies and materialities of global urban justice. Leaving aside the monolithic tenor of ‘planetary urbanisation’, the messy realities of the urban and the rural are ever more deeply mutually implicated. So too are these spaces’ concomitant struggles for justice. The presents and histories of these struggles complicate the spatiality of the urban.

  • Can we define as ‘urban’ the fights of migrant labourers in southern urban peripheries for basic labour rights?
  • Should we define as ‘urban’ the politics of hunger manifested in urban peripheries in the bodies of people driven from their land by colonial capitalism?
  • Is organising for energy democracy an urban struggle when it targets ‘global’ infrastructure?
  • If the struggle for justice is characterised as urban, what kinds of methodologies does this suggest or preclude? How do methodologies respond to the spaces of global urban justice?
  • What kinds of methodologies can be deployed to work with and support struggles for global urban justice?
  • How can methodologies address the shifting materialities – from food to infrastructure – of urban justice?

 We are particularly interested in contributions that address the following methodological approaches:

– Historical, feminist or postcolonial methodologies;

– Scholar-activism;

– Comparative urbanism;

– Theorising from the global South,

 And we’d be keen to hear about variegated methodological approaches to the following areas of geographical research:

– Migration, migrant labour and hypermobile subjects;

– Politics of precarity;

– Urban ecologies;

– Urban infrastructure networks;

– New urban materialities;

– Subaltern Studies


James Angel, King’s College London

Tom Cowan, King’s College London

Archie Davies, King’s College London